Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

The holiday season is a time to spend with family and friends. During the holiday bustle, it is important to ensure that you take the correct safety precautions so that all of your gatherings are safe and fun. The following are just a few of the most important safety tips for you to keep in mind this holiday season.

Safety Tips for the Holiday Season, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MA

1. Christmas Trees

Christmas trees are more of a fire hazard when they are dried out, so be sure to water the tree every day. Do not put the Christmas tree near any heat sources, as this increases risk for fire. Be sure that all of your tree decorations and tree (if you are using a fake one) are non-flammable or flame retardant. Do not link more than three strands of Christmas lights together.

2. Decorations

Be sure to keep decorations away from heat sources, and choose non-flammable or flame retardant décor. Candles are the cause of more than half of all home fires, so be sure to blow out candles every time you leave the room, or purchase battery operated candles instead.

3. Driving

Roads become icy in the winter months, and problems like these are only exacerbated by alcohol. If you are hosting a party, be sure that no one is allowed to leave unless they are completely sober. Have a number for a taxi handy, in case you need to find someone a ride home.

When driving in wintery conditions, be sure that you always have an emergency kit handy. It should include a flashlight, extra batteries, an ice scraper, a seat belt cutter, a first aid kit, and food and water.

 4. Cooking

It can be difficult to defrost and entire turkey, so many people will opt to leave meat out on the counter or put in the microwave to speed up the process. Under no circumstances should meat (especially poultry) be left out at room temperature to thaw. This encourages the growth of bacteria, and could turn the meat toxic. The best way to thaw meat is by leaving it in the refrigerator, though it may also be soaked in cold water (but the water should be changed every 30 minutes). When cleaning up after cooking, use paper towels instead of dishcloths or sponges to prevent the spread of bacteria.

These safety precautions will help you have a great holiday season, free of disaster. Of course, accidents do happen, which is why it is important to be sure that you have homeowners or renters insurance. In the case of a fire or injury on the property, insurance will help cover the costs that come with it. Contact TJ Woods Insurance Agency today, so that we may help you find an insurance plan that makes the most sense for you.