Reviewing Your Car Insurance for New England Winters

A message on a Walgreens sign that reads 'Frankenstorm Is Coming' before Hurricane Sandy made landfall in the northeast region of the US in Newton, New Jersey in 2012.

Did you just move to New England? We’re known for many things: the birthplace of the United States and the Revolution, our changing colors in the fall, and home to some excellent seafood. However, you might not be familiar with our other wonder: the Nor’easter. New England is home to some brutal winters, and if you’re new to the area, you’ll need to be ready, particularly on the road. Below we go over the insurance you should think about to augment your current policy, as well as tips to avoid your premiums going up.

What is a Nor’easter?

Every winter New England gets slammed with multiple snowstorms that roll in from the northeast (hence the name) from the North Atlantic Ocean. These macro-scale extratropical cyclones are low-pressure fronts the bring in clouds loaded with moisture. The storms come from the cold polar air mass and the warmer ocean water converging, with the bigger the difference in temperature in those two air masses meaning bigger storms.

Car Insurance to Get: Collision Insurance

Massachusetts requires “no-fault” car insurance, meaning your own car insurance pays for medical and other out-of-pocket losses incurred by anyone covered under the policy, regardless of who caused the accident. Payments for car repairs are out of pocket unless you can prove you’re not at fault. Getting collision insurance allows you to make a claim in situations like:

  • Rear-ending someone
  • Another car hitting you
  • Sliding into trees
  • Hitting a fence

Car Insurance to Get: Comprehensive Insurance

Comprehensive car insurance covers situations where you’re not at fault but wouldn’t be covered under someone else’s policy because the other party is nature itself. It’s one of those basic types of car insurance every rider should think about getting. Examples include:

  • Hitting wildlife
  • Weather effects
  • Falling objects
  • Damage while parked

Driving Tips to Stay Safe in Winter

Even with the right insurance, you don’t want to use it, right? Driving in New England winters requires a steady hand and some preparing of your vehicle ahead of time. Take a look at some of the blogs from our Learning Library for some idea on where to start:

New England – and Massachusetts in particular – can be a difficult place to start driving, especially in the winter. The TJ Woods Insurance Agency is here to help with experts who can help you get the insurance you need to be covered and safe this winter and all year round. Contact us today for your free quotes and talk to a specialist about your needs.