Requirements to Operate a Snow Plow

Operate a Snow Plow, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MAEvery year thousands of New Englanders strap plows onto the front of their trucks, transforming them from personal workhorses into sources of profit in the snowy months and nor’easters. However, this also transforms their personal vehicle into a commercial one, with the added risks that occur when operating this heavy machinery. This requires additional registration, permits, and insurance on the behalf of the driver because now they are operating a commercial vehicle in a high-risk setting.

Commercial Driver’s License

Most states require operators of snow plows (or any other snow removal vehicle) to have a commercial driver’s license. Those who operate such machinery as snow plows in the dead of winter are exposed to situations and maneuvers that require more skill and training, and are therefore held to higher standards. The Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a requirement to receive the plates, permits, and insurance below that is required for you to operate your snow plow.

Snow Removal Plates

When you operate your vehicle as a commercial vehicle, you need commercial plates. As a snow plow operator you have two major choices in Massachusetts: you can either purchase year-round commercial plates, which allow you to operate your vehicle in the warm weather months, or you can get Snow Removal Plates, which can be canceled during the spring and summer month to provide a refund or rebate option. Up to 10 days after registering the plates, you can cancel them for a full refund if the situation changes.

Snow Removal Permits

In addition to snow removal plates, many counties or towns require permits for you to operate within their boundaries. Not doing so can result in traffic stops, citations, fines, and the impoundment of your vehicle. When planning out your service area or fielding calls for snow removal, make sure to check with the local administration to make sure you’re properly covered to operate in the area.

Commercial Car Insurance

When you operate a vehicle as part of your commercial enterprise, you are required to have it commercially insured. Operating heavily in snow and ice and using heavily machinery such as a truck-mounted plow places different and higher risks on your vehicle. If you get into an accident while operating your vehicle commercially, it will not be covered under your personal auto insurance. If you’re maintaining commercial plates year-round, get commercial insurance year-round as well. If you’re only getting snow removal plates, discuss seasonal commercial insurance with your insurance agent.

To learn more about the commercial vehicle insurance coverage you should get for your snow plow, contact the TJ Woods Insurance Agency. From collision insurance for snowy slides and striking parked vehicles to liability coverage for damage to property, we can provide you with the right coverage for your winter enterprise. In addition to coverage for snow plows, we can provide personal auto and home insurance, as well as business insurance for all your commercial enterprises. Contact TJ Woods Insurance today to learn more.