Protecting Your Construction Site from Theft

A residential construction sight featuring the frame of a house and a close up of a chiselWith warmer weather on the horizon, construction projects are underway once again. However, these job sites can quickly become targets for thieves, especially considering the current high price of construction materials. Anything that can be sold for cash – such as building materials, equipment, trailers, and construction vehicles – are at risk. Developing a site security plan can help your crew mitigate the risks of trespassing, theft, and vandalism of your job site. Let’s review some tips for protecting your construction site from theft.

Tips for Protecting Your Construction Site

Construction sites are common targets for theft and vandalism. Whether it’s a disgruntled neighbor trying to obstruct construction or a thief trying to make off with some valuables, an open job site can be difficult to defend. Though, there’s a lot contractors and developers can do to address these vulnerabilities. Here are a few ways to prevent crime on your job site:

  • Surveillance Systems: The presence of motion-activated detection systems or cameras alone may be enough to deter would-be trespassers. You should designate a staff member to continuously monitor these surveillance systems.
  • Security Guard Service: Hiring a reputable and insured security guard service can provide you with an on-site presence while workers are off the clock. They will perform regular rounds of the property and notify law enforcement and site management of any abnormalities.
  • Construction Material Management: Building materials are often delivered to the job site before any buildings are properly closed in. If possible, plan your deliveries just in time for them to be used or when secure on-site storage has been established.
  • Physical Barriers: While it may seem a given, setting up physical barriers – like fencing or locked access gates – can not only make getting into the site difficult, but it can make it harder for thieves to remove cumbersome objects from the property.

Providing your staff members with site security education can also help. You can inform them of how to cut the fuel supply in the construction vehicles before leaving and how to properly store equipment. Performing background checks on your workers can also safeguard you from theft on the inside.

Invest in Construction Site Coverage

Your business insurance will cover some of your stolen or damaged equipment, but you can invest in specific commercial insurance – much like inland marine insurance – to ensure you’re protected from all angles. Let’s take at some of the overlooked coverages when it comes to job sites:

  • Stored Material Coverage: Stored materials aren’t covered by your business personal property coverage, which is why purchasing construction site coverage is a necessity.
  • Trailers and Vehicles: Vehicles and trailers should all be accounted for on your commercial auto insurance. Keep your insurance agent up to date on your inventory, especially if you have a large fleet of vehicles.
  • Equipment Coverage: Lost equipment isn’t included in your commercial auto policy and needs separate coverage. Construction site insurance will not only cover the business’s equipment but the employees’ tools, too.

Purchasing additional insurance only safeguards your investment and adds layers to your job site’s security.

While protecting your construction site from theft can seem tedious, the added protection will prevent costly delays in your project. Not only do you want to prevent any interruptions in your construction, but you also want to ensure you have funds available to you to replace any equipment or building materials. At TJ Woods Insurance, our agents can help protect your investment by pairing you with the right business insurance and any other policies that serve your needs. If you’re looking to be covered from all job site risks, including theft, contact us today.