Protect Your Home and Property for 2018’s Hurricane Season

Protect Your Home and Property for 2018's Hurricane SeasonThe 2017 hurricane season was full of powerful storms: Hurricanes Irma and Harvey left behind billions of dollars in damages and thousands of houses damaged and destroyed. Hearing about the damage these storms did will leave you wondering — how can you be prepared during the 2018 hurricane season? Read the 6 tips below to help prepare your home and property for the hurricane season, this June through November.

1.     Have a Plan

Having a plan can help you and your family know what to do when there is a hurricane approaching. Include important information in the plan, such as where to go if you need to evacuate, supplies you‘ll need if you are staying in your home, and important contact numbers for any emergencies.

2.     Secure Your Home

Whether you are evacuating or taking shelter in your home, securing your home before the storm hits will help to prevent damage. The main areas to secure are the roof, windows, and doors to the house and garage. These places are the most likely to let in water, which means sealing them can prevent serious damage.

Fix any holes or cracks in the roof, and use plywood or storm shutters to protect your windows. Reinforce garage doors as the high winds can easily blow them apart. Finally, check the weather seals around your doors, and board up any doors you don’t need. Be sure to leave at least two exits available in case you need to evacuate.

3.     Clean Up Outside

Hurricanes are known for their high wind speed and heavy rain. This can cause tree limbs to fall, and outside furniture to go flying. To avoid damage on the outside of your property, take a look around your yard before the storm arrives. Trim any tree branches that may break off in the storm and put all outdoor furniture inside of a shed or garage to prevent it from blowing away.

4.     Protect Your Valuables

Protect irreplaceable or valuable items such as pictures and mementos in waterproof containers. If you are evacuating, take these items with you. Remember, other items can be replaced so make sure to protect what you can’t afford to lose to storm damage.

5.     Take Inventory

Take an inventory of items in your home. Use pictures or videos to record the items and note the approximate value of them. This will be helpful if you have damage and need to file with your insurance company.

6.     Update Your Insurance Policy

Finally, make sure to check your insurance policy. Are you covered for everything that you need to be? If you are in a flood prone area, make sure your homeowners policy provides flood insurance. Similarly, make sure you are properly covered for anything else that may happen. This can include both homeowners insurance and auto insurance, as your car could be damaged in the storm as well.

Having the proper insurance coverage can help take the stress away from hurricane preparation. Knowing that your home and property are protected in case something happens can create a sense of security in the chaos of a storm. Here at TJ Woods Insurance, we are here to help make sure you are prepared for whatever the 2018 hurricane season may bring. Contact an agent to see if you are properly covered for this hurricane season.