What You Need to Know About Trampolines and Insurance

A trampoline is something most kids dream of and most parents dread. For kids, they’re a blast. However, parents dread trampolines because they know that kids can get injured from them. These injuries then lead to claims on the insurance, and agencies don’t like having more claims. So, having a trampoline can possibly affect your homeowners insurance depending on how your agency deals with trampolines. There are a few different ways that an agency can go about dealing with the possibility of a trampoline.

Nothing HappensWhat to Know About Trampolines and Insurance, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Inc., Worcester, MA

Although the chance of nothing happening is slim, the chance is still there. You may become lucky and not have to change anything besides adding a new trampoline to your backyard. Either your insurance agency doesn’t realize you have one or they just don’t see a big risk.

However, it’s not a good idea to keep your insurance company out of the loop. You are better off telling the agency because there are some companies that perform random exterior inspections of their customers’ homes. If they find you have a trampoline in one of these random inspections, the consequences may be more severe than if you just let them know about it in the first place.


Some agencies may take a look at your policy and add a clause stating that any injury caused by the trampoline will not be covered by the homeowners insurance. This way, if someone is using your trampoline, you are going to be responsible for all of the medical bills. Not only that, but if the child that gets injured isn’t your own, the parents may sue you and you will be responsible for all of those charges as well. It saves the insurance agency, but leaves you with a huge bill.

However, your insurance company may insert a clause stating that they will only pay a certain amount of the bills no matter how much they come to. Although it may not sound too great, it is better than paying for the whole thing by yourself. So, it is good to do some research and see if the agency can offer you that kind of plan.


The worst case is that your whole policy gets cancelled. There are some companies that don’t have any tolerance for trampolines and will completely cancel your policy if they know you have purchased one. This is why it is important to check with your agency before purchasing a trampoline.

Helpful Tips

There are a few things you can do to make your trampoline a little safer. An easy thing to do is to purchase a net that attaches to your trampoline. The main reason for children getting injured on trampolines is that they jump over too far and fall off the trampoline. Installing the net will protect the children from falling off because they will bounce into the net instead of the ground. Purchasing a net isn’t very expensive compared to the medical bill that could be incurred, so it is worth it to look into.

Another way to make your trampoline a bit safer is to have it built into the ground. There are some homeowners who have dug a hole into the ground and planted the trampoline down into it to be level with the yard. Although it sounds a little bit intense, it is a lot safer because it isn’t so high off the ground. If a child falls off of it, they have a lot less air to fall through to get to the ground and this can prevent a lot of injuries.

Trampolines are a fun thing for children to have and can make you the “cool” parent on the block. But, there are a lot of things that you should look into before purchasing one for your own home. Researching trampolines and how your insurance handles them before purchasing one could save you a lot of money in the long run. Here at TJ Woods Insurance Agency, we are willing to work with you to give you the coverage that you need. Contact TJ Woods, located in Worcester, MA, today.