How to Keep Your Home Safe This Spring Flood Season

Rescuer standing in flood waters, looking down.April showers brings May floods? That’s not exactly how the rhyme is supposed to go, but there aren’t many things worse than walking down to your basement and having a three feet water intertwined with some of your beloved family memorabilia’s as pool toys.  Water damage can always put a damper on anyone’s mood and can be a costly clean up as well. According to FloodSmart, floods are the number one natural disaster in the United States and more than 3.5 billion dollars have been spent on insurance claims spanning from 2005-2014. With heavy rains, severe weather, and rapid snowmelt, spring is a particularly dangerous time of the year for floods. So, before it’s too late, learn a few tips that can keep your house safe this spring.

Proper Gutter Maintenance

The spring cleaning process should extend past the garage. Take some time and go outside and inspect the gutters. Weak or broken gutters can lead to more water overspill and increase the chances of flooding. Quick fixes such as gutter coverings or even getting them replaced can save you in the long run. It’s better to be prepared than to suffer the losses. Take some time to clean out gutters as well. Decomposed leaves and mildew can build up and cause the gutters to sag and not be as effective. It is important to have clean gutters so that the water can continue to flow through them, instead of into your house.

Installing a Basement Sump Pump

Introducing a sump pump into your home if one is not installed already is a great way to protect your home from flooding. The main purpose of a sump pump is to actually drain out all the extra water that is in your basement. Sump pumps have the ability to recognize when there is too much water and alert the homeowner as well. They are a great resource and can help keep your basement clean and dry. Mostly all sump pumps work off an electrical system and do not need any additional hardwiring in the installation process. They are inexpensive and installation is fairly simple as well. By introducing a new sump pump or making sure your current one is working, can save you a fortune during this upcoming flood season.

Flood Insurance For Your Home

The thing about floods is that they are natural occurrence; you never know when they are going to strike. Sometimes, you might not be prepared either. This is why it is important to look into a flood coverage insurance plan. By getting flood insurance, you have protection against the cost of your home and belongings that are damaged in a flood. Flood insurance covers, basements, crawlspaces, and walkout basements as well. Outside of the physical building, flood insurance also covers, clothing, furniture, appliances such as washers and dryers, food freezers, and certain valuables like art and furs. Looking into a flood insurance plan is a great way to keep your home and personal belongings safe.

Although the spring is a great time of the year, it is important to remember that rain still plays a big factor. Taking the right precautionary steps can protect your home and possessions from water damage and worse.  It is important to take time and prepare and not be taken off guard when the spring weather start to roll in. If you are interested in flood insurance, contact the experts at TJ Woods Insurance and learn how you can protect your home today.