I Just Got Towed, Now What?

Car getting towed by tow truck.It’s a surreal and unenviable feeling when you walk to where you parked your car only to find its missing. Though many thoughts race through your head whether or not you are in the right place, then, what if it was stolen? You reach for your phone to call the police, then you stop and check again if you are in the right spot. This internal dialogue is happening in a blurring frenzy. But when you see the “No Parking, Violators Will Be Towed” your heart sinks. You just got towed, now what do you do?

Have the Correct Paperwork

No one would ever plan on being towed. While you are should have these with you at all times, make sure a copy of your registration and insurance is in your car. In order to get your car out of impound you will need a copy of each, plus your driver’s license. Without this paperwork, getting your car out of the impound can be nightmarish.

Be Aware That You Might Get Towed

People are normally pretty good about knowing their cities rules and are failure with the types, placement and colors of parking signage so as to avoid a situation where they would be towed. However, visitors are do not have the same advantage. If you are traveling or visiting friends, be aware that you are more likely to make a mistake then if you were on your home turf. Take extra time to make sure all your cars documents are updated and map out local parking areas if you know where you want to go ahead of time. Taking these precautions will help prevent being towed.

Getting Your Car Back

Once you’ve determined your car has been towed and you have ensured you have the correct paperwork, you can go about the process of getting your car back.

Municipal: if your car was towed from in front of a municipal building, it is probably being held by a city-run compound.

Private property: since owners or private property usually relies on privately owned facilities, there should be information on the sign banning towing which will explain whom to contact. If not, the nearest establishment should have contact information for you.

Public property: you can call the local police department for details. Make sure not to call 911, as they will not be able to help you and will be upset that you are occupying a line with a non-emergency call.

When you actually go to reclaim your car, make sure you have the proper amount and form of payment as some places will only accept cash.

While getting your car towed is no fun, it is important to be aware and prepared so you will know how to handle the situation. If you need to check whether or not you have proper insurance on your automobile, contact TJ Woods Insurance to discuss the proper amount of insurance you need. We offer the full spectrum of insurances from auto to home and business insurance.