Is Your Teen Ready to Drive Responsibly?

Just because your teen is old enough to drive, this does not mean that they are actually ready. There are a number of responsibilities that go into driving that a teen must understand before getting behind the wheel. Is your teen ready to drive responsibly? Here are a few things to consider before making the big decision.

Is Your Team Ready to Drive Responsibly? TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MADo they have issues with authority?

If your teen regularly disobeys you, it is likely that they will also disobey other authority figures. This can also mean that they will be more likely to stray from traffic laws such as speed limits, stop lights, and other traffic signals. Disobeying a parent may get your teen grounded, but disobeying the law may land them in jail or with a hefty fine.

How does your teen act when surrounded by peers?

Does your teen cave into peer pressure easily? If so, this is a big warning sign that they may not be quite ready to get behind the wheel. How a teen acts around their friends is a way to gauge their maturity level. Do they follow curfew? Come home drunk? Get in the car with a friends who are under the influence? If you answered yes to any of these, your teen may not be mature enough to take on the responsibility of driving.

How much do they know about cars?

In order to be a safe driver one must know how to operate every aspect of a vehicle. It is important for all drivers to know how to use even the smallest controls such as the hazard lights, fog lights, and emergency brake. Knowing the difference between warning lights, such as those for the check engine, tire pressure, and anti-lock brakes, can save them from a break-down in the future.

Being a licensed driver doesn’t just involve knowing the rules of the road, but also knowing what to do in case of emergency. Teach them how to change a tire, test fluid levels, and jumpstart a car. Although this may seem like petty knowledge now, it will come in handy when they are traveling alone in the future.

When acquiring a driver’s license, your teen must understand that they are responsible, not only for the safety of themselves, but also for the safety of others. Driving comes with rewards, but it comes with just as many risks. It’s important for parents to recognize the maturity level of their teens. Quiz them on traffic signals, current driving laws, vehicle maintenance, and emergency actions. Gauge how they act around their peers.

When it comes time for them to get their license, you should feel that you, as a parent, made the right decision. Before your teen gets behind the wheel, make sure they are insured. Insurance will help you cover the costs if your teen does ever get into an accident (which is much more likely to occur in their first two years of driving). Contact TJ Woods Insurance for any of your insurance needs. We are here to help you.