How to Get Your Car Out of Snow

How to Get Your Car Out of Snow, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MAUnless you’re living in Arizona or are a fan of cross country skiing, chances are you have been inconvenienced by a snow storm at some point. Getting your car out of the snow, depending on the snowfall, can take anywhere from five minutes to a few hours. However, there is a right and wrong way to get your car out of the snow. The steps below will guide you through the safest and most efficient way to get you back on the road after a dumping of snow.

Locate Your Vehicle

You’re probably thinking, “that’s ridiculous,” but not everyone has the privilege of parking in a driveway or designated parking space. If you use street parking or share a parking lot it is always good practice to take note of where you park your car when you know there is storm in the forecast. If you’re happy putting a personalized topper on your antenna, then this is a great way to recognize your car when it’s beneath a few feet of snow. Otherwise, take note of surrounding objects such as trash cans and streetlights. If all else fails, put a stake in the ground next to your vehicle.

Select Your Tools

This may seem like another no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people scratch their vehicle using the wrong tool when trying to remove snow. You don’t need a whole lot, but make sure you select the right tools at the right time. Some of you may have a cover for your car; if you can get this on before the snow comes, we certainly suggest it. As you would expect, you will need a shovel. Secondly, and maybe most importantly, you are going to need a feathered brush. Don’t just grab any old one from the garage–if it’s a stiff bristle yard brush or a corn brush it is likely to scratch your paint. Lastly, the tool that most of us have on hand already is an ice scraper for the windows.

Removing the Snow

Depending on your personal strength, the amount of snowfall, as well as the temperature outside, you may want to ask for help. Two people will get this job done more quickly than one.

  • Start by digging out the area around the car. Be sure that you do not cover other cars or walkways. The idea is to uncover your car without creating any more snow hazards for others.
  • If you decide to use a snow blower, be sure not to point it towards your car, or anywhere where it could cause damage. Snow blowers are notorious for throwing rocks, dirt and other debris as well as snow.
  • Once the area around the car is clear, you can start to remove the snow on your hood and windshield. This is where your feathered brush will come in handy. Do not use the shovel. It’s always hard to tell where the snow ends and the car begins.
  • Now that your windshield is clear, move to the roof of the car. Continue to use the feathered brush. Although it seems like it may not be necessary, it is a road hazard to leave snow on the top of your vehicle while driving, and is a fineable offense in most states.
  • If it is cold enough, there will be ice under the snow on the windshield and other windows. Use the scraper to remove this. Don’t forget your mirrors. This is a common mistake that can prove to be dangerous.
  • At this point, before you get into your vehicle, it is extremely important to check the exhaust pipe, to be sure that it’s completely clear. Once the engine starts, these fumes need to be able to flow freely. If the exhaust pipe is blocked, it could force deadly fumes into the car interior.

Turn on the Vehicle

Just before turning on the vehicle, make sure your wipers are off. If the wipers are frozen stiff and automatically try to move after being left on, you risk damaging the wiper motor. Once the engine has warmed, and both your car and access to the road is clear, be on your way as usual.

Driving throughout the winter can always be dangerous. However, with preparation, you can reduce the chances of being caught in a bad situation. To match your good preparation, make sure you have a great auto insurance plan. Contact any of the agents at TJ Woods Insurance today, and we can help you find the most practical car insurance package for you.