Getting Physical with Fitness Center Insurance

Getting Physical with Fitness Center Insurance When running a facility that deals with hefty machinery and members who strive to test their physical limits, it’s no shock that accidents occur. If exercise weights aren’t secure and end up falling on to a customer, your business might find the weight of accident liability falling onto their shoulders. When it comes to situations of liability, learn how fitness center insurance can help, from the smallest yoga studio to the biggest 24-hour gym.

General Liability Coverage

In such an injury-prone environment, make sure you have the proper liability coverage for when accidents happen. This insurance policy isn’t limited to gyms, either – yoga studios, tennis centers, health clubs, and other facilities can all benefit from the security offered by liability coverage. General liability coverage provides protection from an array of issues including:

Bodily Harm

The majority of claims made at fitness facilities are because of bodily injury. Each year an increasing number of people sign up for gym memberships with the goal of improving their physical condition. Although it’s great to see this surge in physical activity, a larger volume of people at the gym increases the risk of injuries.

Medical Bills

There are many types of injuries that can be as minimal as a strained muscle or something as serious as heart failure. With bodily injuries comes the cost of medical treatment. Although some injuries may only call for a dose of Advil, more severe injuries may require extensive medical attention. Liability insurance prevents your wallet from being hit with a substantial bill.

Damage to Property

This insurance helps to cover the expenses when another person’s property is damaged. For example, if an unsecured weight happens to fall on a customer’s bag damaging their valuables, that person may file a legal claim. This liability policy will protect your business against claims and cover the reimbursements needed to repair or replace the items.

Other Policies to Consider

Beyond general liability provided by a policy package, your fitness center may have gaps in its coverage that other insurances can address.

Professional Negligence Liability

As a fitness center, it’s likely you offer a variety of physical classes taught by your staff of licensed instructors. While these classes take place, it is the instructor’s responsibilities to mention all risks associated with certain exercise routines as well as thoroughly demonstrate how those exercises should be performed. Whether protocol is followed or not, members always face the risk of injury. The protection offered by this insurance policy will provide coverage when negligence claims are made against you and your employees.

Product Liability

Fitness centers normally sell a variety of products such as workout supplements, headphones, bottled water and more. When you facilitate the sale of a product, whether you’re a manufacturer or retailer, you are held accountable for any items that impose harm to that person or are shown to be defective. The consumer that is harmed has the right to pursue compensation, which puts your company at risk for financial loss. Product liability insurance protects your business in the event of a lawsuit.

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