Getting Your Home Ready for Winter: 4 Things to Buy

Winter preparation firewoodWinter is right at our doorstep, but it’s still easy to put off the work needed to be done before the snow hits after months of mild weather. However, putting these things off until the last moment can do more than just inconvenience you. The costs for a lot of these goods and services increase as demand for them grows, so beating the rush can save you a lot of money. At worst, not planning for these things now can put your home and family in peril as snow and ice suddenly rains down. Time to get your home ready for winter.

Firewood / Furnace Oil

For fireplaces and oil-burning furnaces alike, having enough fuel to get through the winter is critical. As two items that are in more and more demand as the winter (and its storms) rages, the sooner you can call on these services, the more you can save. For furnace oil in particular, investing in a seasonal pre-buy or pre-order can save you money by allowing your suppliers to plan out their own purchases in advance. This is also true for propane-based heating system.

Snow Removal Equipment

Shovels, sand, and salt: they all see rough use during the last winter and might not be up to the task again. Head to your garage or shed and take inventory of your stock after the last winter. Snow shovels in particular are prone to fractures and breaking. Better to find out now than mid-snowdrift. Make sure you’ve got sufficient stock of melting salt or agents, as well as grit to be able to clear your driveway and walkways for use. If you use a snow removal company, make sure to call them to make sure they still service your area and about any price increases over last year.

Emergency Supplies

Every winter has the risk of a snow storm cutting off your home or car from the bare necessities, which is why it’s so vital to make sure you’ve got your home and vehicles stocked with as much emergency supplies as you can afford to get. A few basics for your home:

  • Bottled water and shelf-stable food for at least three days.
  • Battery powered flashlights and radios along with additional batteries.
  • A medium or large first aid kit with bandages and medical aid booklet.

What should you keep in your car? Take a look at our article, Top Fourteen Things to Have in Your Car for Winter.

Home Repairs

Winter can turn small home flaws into major headaches, as well as inflicting new damage from winter storms, ice dams, and flooding from snowmelt. Make sure to get repairs made now, and if possible replace damaged windows and doors with new energy efficient versions that will hold up better, as well as holding in the heat. Learn more in our whitepaper, Getting Your Home Ready for Winter.

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