Should you be Considering Gadget Insurance?

Gadgets and technology have become an increasingly important part of our lives. So should you be considering gadget insurance?We are constantly sending texts from our phones, reading emails on our laptops or tablets, using the latest GPS device to lead us to our next meeting, or kicking back to watch the game after a hard day’s work on our plasma screen television. Gadgets, gadgets and more gadgets. We have invested so much of our time and money into our gadgets that the question is whether gadget insurance is worth the investment? And if we do have gadget insurance, what might it cover?

Many warranties provided by companies such as Droid and Apple don’t provide coverage for cracked screens or theft. With gadget insurance, accidents are no longer a worry. You’re provided a peace of mind that money put into your gadgets will not be a waste of money if an accident where to happen such as a spill. With the substantial amount of money customers spend on gadgets, protection with gadget insurance is valuable to have. The following article from points out one of the main reasons why gadget insurance is important.

Gadget Warranties Provide Peace of Mind

Whether you have an iPhone, Android, iPad or any other mobile gadget it’s important that you find an extended warranty service that protects you against loss, theft, water damage, and mechanical breakdown. Many extended warranty options like AppleCare don’t cover loss and theft so picking an appropriate gadget insurance policy is important.

Why You Need Gadget Insurance

Your phone is your lifeline. It connects you to all of the things you love. Because it’s so vital we tend to carry it everywhere. With mobile technology advancing at such a rapid pace it’s not uncommon to spend upwards of $500 on the latest devices. Considering how expensive these gadgets are and our tendency to carry them everywhere, having an extended warranty plan is more important than ever.

iPad Cracked Screen Scenario:

You buy a new iPad and bring it on a plane trip. The flight attendant asks you to stow away your device. When the plane lands you discover that your iPad has slipped down underneath the seat in front of you. You take it out of the case only to find that someone has stepped on it, cracking the screen. Making a scene on the plane is out of the question these days so you decide to have it fixed.
You discover that fixing the screen costs $200. With an extended warranty plan that covers cracked screens, you could have it fixed (or get sent a new one) for a fraction of the price. Peace of mind is worth having for these expensive devices.

Mobile Warranties Are Worth Getting

Traditional warranties just don’t cut it. Many US-based wireless companies will try to sell you on their optional insurance plans, this is how they’re able to sell the phones at such a low cost. If you read the fine print though you’ll find that there’s a lot they don’t cover. Finding an affordable extended warranty plan lets you enjoy your gadgets to their fullest, without having to worry about replacement costs.

Read the fine print for the policies sold by the companies selling the gadgets.  Loss and theft are often uncovered when it comes to insuring your gadgets. Picking an appropriate gadget insurance policy that fits your lifestyle is important. If you find yourself traveling or dropping your gadgets often, you may want to consider gadget insurance.

The bottom line is this: protect those gadgets. Gadget insurance covers what companies resist to repair such as a cracked screen or broken button. With gadget insurance you’re provided a peace of mind and also a safety net for your money. You know that if your child drops your $400 tablet, you’ll get your money back. We spend so much time and money into our gadgets that is essential to make sure they’re covered.

If loss and theft coverage for your gadgets or other precious items is something you don’t yet have, contact TJ Woods Insurance Agency. One of our agents will be happy to discuss insurance options with you.