Fencing: Backyard Pool Regulations

When it comes to backyard pools, there are some towns and/or insurance companies that require you to install a fence around your pool. So, if you happen to be in a town whose zoning laws require a fence around your swimming pool, then there are some things that you should know.


Before you start purchasing and installing your fencing,Fencing: Backyard Pool Regulations, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Inc., Worcester, MA there are some regulations you need to consider. For example, the height of the fence has to be at least 48 inches in Massachusetts and cannot allow children to be able to climb. As for the durability, permanent fencing is preferred, but any type is allowed. But, there has to be some sort of gate that opens outward, self closes, and latches.

Types of Fencing

When it comes to installing the fencing, there are three types that are the most popular among households. The first is removable mesh fencing. This is very popular because there are some areas that only require fencing for families with children up to a certain age. So, some families purchase removable fencing so they can take it down once their children are old enough.

Another type of fencing is vertical bar fencing. This can be made from wood, vinyl, iron, or aluminum. Vertical is recommended compared to horizontal because they don’t want the children to be able to climb out of the fenced in area. Massachusetts, as well as some other states, require no more than 4 inches between the vertical bars.

The last type of common fencing material is glass panel fencing. This is durable and used often because they are transparent and children can’t climb on them. It also avoids taking away from the beauty that a pool can bring to a backyard.

Extra Protection

There are some states that require other smaller items in addition to fencing. Many places require a rigid pool cover, which makes it a lot easier to cover your pool and can prevent someone from getting tangled if they fall in, since it is on a guide. An underwater motion pool alarm can help to maintain knowledge of whom or what is in your pool because animals can wander into pools and either drown or destroy your pool in the process of getting out. Another form of protection is rescue equipment, such as a life preserver or float.

There is much more to know about fencing around a pool than people think. Although it may not be a beautiful part of your pool, it could prevent a lot of injuries. You should look into whether your state and/or insurance company requires a fence so you can be prepared. If you have any questions about the liabilities, feel free to contact TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Inc. located in Worcester, MA.