Does Insurance Cover Hail Storms?

Large hailstones held in two hands.Hail forms when a storm’s updrafts are strong enough to move rain droplets above the necessary freezing level. The process creates hailstones that can grow as water droplets latch on to the original stone. Once the stone is too heavy to stay up with an updraft they fall to the ground creating what we know as hailstorms. Hailstorms are usually mild and hailstones do not get larger than the size of a penny. However, in large storms hailstones can become dangerous growing to the size of baseballs. These huge stones have the ability to cause harm to people and can cause large amounts of damage to your property. Anything from holes in the roof of your home to smashed car windows are fair game to the destructive power of hailstorms. Although hailstorms present a problem to many homeowners there are methods to combat them through the help of insurance plans.

House Damage and Homeowner’s Insurance

Luckily most standard homeowner’s insurance policies will include coverage for disasters such as hailstorms. These damages can include anything from minor scratches and dents to broken windows and holes in the roof. Take San Antonio for example, who in April 2016 experienced a massive hailstorm. Damages were estimated at about 1.36 billion dollars due to hailstones that were up to 41/2 inches in diameter. That’s larger than an average softball, which is about 33/4 inches in diameter! So what exactly do you do once a hailstorm hits?

  1. First you will want to document any visible damages done to your home. Damage can be documented by using a digital camera and can be requested by the insurance agency, so it’s best to take clear pictures of all damage done in order to get the most out of your claim.
  2. Next if any damage has been done to the roof a certified roof inspector should be called. They will be able to assess the damage for you and will be able to give great insight on whether or not a claim for the repair of the roof should be filed.
  3. Prior to filing a claim, a homeowner should always read up on their policy to fully understand what will be covered in the event of a hailstorm. Our Homeowner’s Insurance can provide you top of the line protection against disasters including hailstorms.

Car Damage and Automobile Insurance

While automobiles are built to withstand most of the weather Mother Nature decides to send our way hail can easily damage them. Anything from dents, scratches, and broken windows can be the end result of a powerful hailstorm. Fortunately, there are automotive insurance policies available that can cover hail damages. An insurance policy with comprehensive coverage will protect you from hazards ranging from theft, fire damages, and even hail. Available at Woods Insurance we offer a six part Automobile Insurance policy that will help keep your vehicle protected no matter the situation.

What to Do With Your Car After the Hailstorm

Like damages done to your home, in the event your automobile is struck by hail always be sure to get some form of documentation. From there you should go to get your car repaired as soon as possible. This will ensure that your car remains in working condition and that the value will not decrease drastically. This is important because in the event you wish to one day sell your automobile any blemishes that an appraiser spots can lead to a decrease in value. Even small scratches from hail should be taken care of just to ensure that your vehicle is as close to the condition it was prior to the storm.

One tip in protecting your automobile from a storm would be to check the weather prior and park in an enclosed area such as a parking garage or home garage.

Unfortunately for us Mother Nature tends to throw curve balls when we least expect it. By insuring your home and automobile you are taking the necessary steps to be prepared Mother Nature and whatever she may send your way. At TJ Woods Insurance we pride ourselves in offering top of the line protection based on your needs. To learn about other plans and policies we offer or to report a claim online, please contact us here.