Does a Hot Tub Affect Your Homeowners Insurance?

A hot tub surrounded by a tile base overlooking a lake.Whether it’s warm or cold outside, a hot tub can be relaxing and therapeutic after a hard day’s work. It can be the centerpiece of your backyard and a popular attraction when hosting events. While your worries might melt away when you’re soaking in a hot tub, you shouldn’t neglect the insurance implications and dangers of owning one yourself. We’re here to answer your questions about how a hot tub affects your homeowners insurance.

Is a Hot Tub Covered by Homeowners Insurance?

Hot tubs are generally covered by homeowners insurance, but it’s wise to contact your insurance agent, as some policies may not. If your insurance carrier agrees to cover your hot tub, there’ll likely be some changes to your liability coverage. However, if your jacuzzi was to become damaged by a covered entity – whether it be storm damage or a falling tree – your homeowner’s insurance will reimburse you a percentage of the repair or replacement cost, depending on your policy.

How Does Liability Coverage Factor into Hot Tub Ownership?

While hot tubs are typically shallow, they can actually be quite dangerous. Not only can it be considered an attractive nuisance – a piece of property that may attract and endanger curious children – but they can raise the body temperature of adults, leading to stroke, drowsiness, or unconscious, especially when under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Despite having liability coverage as part of your homeowners insurance, it may not be enough to protect you from injury to a guest while using your tub. You should speak with your insurance agent to determine whether you should increase your liability protection.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Damage Caused by Hot Tubs?

Water damage caused by your hot tub is likely covered by your homeowners insurance, but it depends on your policy. If your jacuzzi leaks and causes damage to a neighbor’s property, your third-party liability coverage may also step in to protect you. However, insurance may consider it a separate structure depending on how your hot tub is installed – whether atop a detached deck or wired into the home’s utility lines. You want to discuss the coverage limits of detached structures with your insurance agent to determine if you need more protection.

Will a Hot Tub Affect Your Homeowners Insurance Premiums?

As with any attractive nuisance, you can see a slight increase in your insurance premium. However, what will affect your homeowners insurance more so is not taking the proper safety precautions once a hot tub is installed. Standard rules – and regulations that many municipalities enforce – include:

  • Hot tubs must have a solid cover with a secure lock
  • Water heaters and filters must be safely secured
  • Permits might be required if you’re building an enclosure around your jacuzzi

Failure to fall these rules may not just result in a fine, but your insurance carrier may refuse to cover you if these safety measures aren’t followed.

Knowing how a hot tub affects your homeowners insurance will ensure you have the right protections in place to safeguard you and your family against damage and liability. With the proper coverage, you can truly enjoy the relaxation of a hot tub without worry. At TJ Woods Insurance, our agents can match you with the right homeowners insurance and inform you of any endorsements that can maximize the protection of your jacuzzi. If you have a hot tub or are looking to install one, contact us today to find out your insurance options.