Tips for Negotiating Your Rent Payment

Close up of a woman signing a check that will be put to use for rent paymentYou’re hunting for an apartment and finally find the place of your dreams. It’s within walking distance of a coffee shop, a short cab ride from work, and has great amenities included. Only, there’s one problem: it’s slightly outside of your price range. However, taking a strategic approach to the negotiation table could help you win over your future landlord. It can be an intimidating process, so let’s take a look at some tips that can simplify negotiating your rent payment. [Read more…]

Preventing Dryer Fires in Your Home

Fire on the roof of a homeThere are many possible causes of a house fire, from leaving a candle burning unattended to forgetting the oven is on when you leave the house. One of the most overlooked causes though is your clothes dryer. Dryers cause thousands of home fires each year, and in increasing numbers during the winter months. They take lives and cause hundreds of millions of dollars in property damage annually. Luckily there are multiple ways to help protect yourself and reduce the likelihood of a dryer fire. [Read more…]

Shutting Down Your Business For The Winter

Shutting Down Your Business For The Winter - TJ Woods - Worcester, MAAs a business owner, you may be faced with shutting down your business for the winter. You may be planning to do it, or you may be forced to close down temporarily. Closing your business during the winter months or the holiday festivities can provide a temporary break from the stress of the daily work. However, a business requires maintenance and care even while closed. Here are some things you should do to keep it in good shape.

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Know the Rules: Who is at Fault After a Car Accident

Know the Rules: Who is at Fault After a Car Accident - TJ Woods - Worcester, MAAlthough car accidents are rare, they do happen, and they can be costly for either one or both parties. The way to determine who foots this bill is understanding who is at fault. It is absolutely essential to determine who is at fault in a car accident, otherwise an innocent driver might have to pay an exorbitant amount for something they did not cause. The person who is at fault may also have to pay for the other parties’ medical bills, damages to the car, and see his or her insurance premiums increase. So here is how to determine fault after a car accident.

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What is Estate Planning? Part 1: Asset Inventory

What Is Estate Planning  - TJ Woods - Worcester, MaThough we never like to think about death, it is something that we each need to prepare for. In all likelihood you will be leaving behind something of value, not to mention those you love. What happens to those you love? What happens to everything of value which you have accumulated over the years? We all expect and hope to live long lives, but it is prudent to be prepared for the unpredictable future.

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Does Your Business Need Inland Marine Coverage?

When business owners hear of inland marine coverage, they often assume they don’t need it because usually their business has nothing to do with boats or anything marine related. However, modern day inland marine insurance is not just limited to those with seafaring inclinations, but is expanded to cover a wide variety concerns. Some of which will likely affect you.

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