How Home Insurance Keeps You Safe During Holiday Travel

Plastic Suitcase And Santa Claus Hat On Red Background.Heading out for the holidays? While we all hope our holidays will be smooth sailing when it comes to traveling – from across the city to across the country – we’re not always so lucky. Empty homes, dangerous roads, and perhaps a few issues with luggage and presents can all take the jolly out of the holidays. We’re going to look at how your property insurance, such as renters and homeowners, helps keep you and property safe these holidays, even when you’re far from home. [Read more…]

6 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep You Merry

The most popular time of the year is approaching fast, and soon all of us will drop our stationary lifestyles for one in favor of shopping, traveling, and decorating. Even though these are exciting times, there is also a slew of hazards that may affect your safety. It’s important to know how to avoid these dangers that may affect you this holiday season. Here are a few tips that may help you steer clear of any damage.

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Who is Responsible for Improvements on Leased Property?

Businesswoman reviews lease agreement in office.

From spiffing up a single-bedroom apartment to overhauling a leased retail space, an improvement made on leased property changes the value of the property overall. Unlike with possessions, many improvements (or betterments) made to the property cannot easily be taken with them, so who is responsible for cover the increased value when it comes to insurance: the lessee or the landlord? Today we’re going to look at how improvements on the leased property should be covered and whose responsibility they should be.

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What Happens to Homeowners Insurance When You Move?

Hand truck with cardboard box as home isolated on white. Moving house concept.

When you start thinking above moving out of your current home, the insurance you’ve invested in the current property is probably the furthest thing from your mind. As you start settling on a new property and work through the negotiations and specifics, it’s time to think about it. A question we commonly get from homeowners is what happens to their homeowners’ insurance when they move. Can I take it with me to the new property? What would a new policy look like? What should I do with the old policy, and when should I cancel? Let’s look at all sides of this issue.

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Understanding the Role Comprehensive Car Insurance Plays

A car damaged by a falling tree.

Most car insurance revolves around collisions. Everything from crashes to dings in the parking lot, most car damage (and therefore coverage) revolves around damage caused by cars to cars. This is why collision insurance is the largest form of car insurance and is the primary type of coverage and liability when it comes to risks. However, it’s not the only one. From damage to your car from nature to someone taking a key to your finish, learn how comprehensive car insurance protects your car from the unexpected.

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Work Place Safety: How to Winterize Your Office

In New England, we always experience snowstorms – does not matter where we are, snow is inevitable. You need to be sure you are thinking of everything when a snowstorm hits, especially slips and falls, snow removal, heating, and getting the proper protection. With this in mind, it is important to always have a snow removal plan and a maintenance plan for your office. Without proper care, your office could be closed, clients or employees may not want to come in which will lead to lack of productivity. Follow some of these steps to ensure your office is prepared for this winter.

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