Fire Safety: Fire Extinguishers and Their Types

A man checking the pressure of a fire extinguisher, with another fire extinguisher behind the focal one.Your home is a safe haven, but it can only remain so if you take the appropriate precautions. Essential safety items keep your home protected, and of these items, one of the most important is fire extinguishers. Having the right fire extinguisher in your home can save you and your family’s lives and prevent serious damage to your house. However, it’s important you become familiar with everything there is to know about your fire extinguisher. Let’s discuss fire extinguishers and their types, so you’re fully prepared for a disaster. [Read more…]

How Homeowners Insurance Covers More Than Just Your Home

A family at home, including two parents on a couch watching children play.When you think about your homeowners policy, the first thing that probably comes to mind is the house itself and your belongings in it. And while it’s true there might be the most pressing coverages needed in the event of disaster striking, they aren’t the only coverages that your average home insurance policy has. Learn how homeowners insurance covers more than just your property – including the protection for those you love and needs outside your home. [Read more…]