How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Woman bends down at the scene of a car accident to inspect damage. Talking on phone with her insurance.Although auto insurance is required here in Massachusetts, it’s one of the few things you purchase hoping you’ll never actually have to use. But as we all know, car accidents and vehicle damage can happen to anyone, and in these cases, you may need to file a claim with your insurance company. In this blog, we’re going to review how to file a car insurance claim and what you can expect the process to entail.   [Read more…]

Hydroplaning: Causes, Reactions, and Avoidance

Vehicle drives through a large amount of water on the road, risking hydroplaning.Imagine driving down the highway, listening to your favorite song, and suddenly you feel as if you’ve lost control. Your car starts gliding on a layer of water covering the road and you must react quickly. This is hydroplaning—an experience that every driver fears but should be equipped to handle. Today, we’ll go over what it is, how you should react in this situation, and what you can do as a driver to avoid it. [Read more…]

How Often Should You Wash Your Car?

Person washing their car, scrubbing wheels at a car wash station.Most car owners would agree their vehicle is a significant investment that they want to protect. In this same vein, we spend a lot of money maintaining them—from regular oil changes and tire rotations to new brake pads and other repairs. But have you considered that keeping your car clean inside and out is also a factor of proper car maintenance? Let’s examine why it’s important to wash your car on a regular basis and how often you should be doing so in order to get the most mileage (both figuratively and literally!) out of your set of wheels.  [Read more…]

Driving in Fog: How to Do so Safely

Blurry car headlights seen in distance driving in fog.Due to the severity of New England winters, we often talk a lot about safe driving in snow, sleet, ice, rain, and blizzards. But there are other weather conditions that make for dangerous roads and lots of troubled drivers, such as fog. These dense “cloud banks” that rest on the ground can be scary to drive through, as it’s more difficult to see the road, signage, or other drivers and pedestrians. So, if you do find yourself driving in fog, here are some ways to reduce the risks and stay safe. [Read more…]

8 Questions to Ask the Car Dealer Before Buying a Vehicle

Woman asking car salesman questions about a vehicle in a car dealershipCar shopping isn’t easy. There are many places to look for vehicles, different safety and convenience features available, sources of information to read reviews from, and financial matters to take into consideration. You’re likely going to have a lot of questions throughout the process. In order to make an informed purchase, we’re sharing eight questions you should ask the dealer before buying a vehicle.  [Read more…]

New Year, New Ride: Insuring Your New Car

New cars with big red bows at car dealershipDid you get a brand-new car with a big red bow for Christmas? Are you treating yourself to a shiny new set of wheels to end the year? Or do you have a goal of saving up in the new year to buy a new ride? Either way, if you have—or are about to have—a new vehicle in your life, you’ll need auto insurance. After all, whether it was a big-ticket present to you or a solo investment, the most important thing is that you and the occupants are protected when behind the wheel. Let’s discuss the must-knows of insuring your new car.  [Read more…]