Car Care Tips for New England Winters

Car Care Tips, TJ Woods Insurance, Worcester, MAAs the winter comes into full swing and an abundance of snow graces the entire northeast, your vehicle takes the biggest beating of the year. Between navigating snowy and icy roads and the corrosive salt on the streets, most cars are worst for the wear after the winter is over. These few tips will help you protect both you and your car from being harmed by winter weather conditions.

Car Washes

While it may seem like a waste of time to visit the car wash during the season when everyone’s car is covered in salt and mud, it is actually imperative that you have your car cleaned a few times during the winter season. The reasoning behind this is that the salt that is kicked up on the roads gets into the underbelly of your vehicle and can cause rust, leading to worse problems such as exhaust leaks.

Get Tested

Cold temperatures can lower a car battery’s performance by up to 50%, so it is important that you have it tested to be sure that its life isn’t nearing an end. Nothing would be worse than getting stuck in a snowstorm with a dead battery.

Check Tires

While you probably don’t want to go out and buy separate tires for the winter, it is important that you at least maintain optimum tire pressure. Inflated tires promote better traction and fuel economy.

Top Off Fluids

Windshield wiper fluid is important to have in chilly weather, because sometimes it’s the only thing that will get ice off the windshield until the car has ample time to warm up. Don’t get caught without it.

Ensure you have enough antifreeze as well, or you risk ruining the engine.

Change Wiper Blades

Old windshield wipers won’t be effective in ice and snow. Wiper blades should be replaced once every year. Make sure that you always shut off your wipers before you park so that they aren’t struggling through ice and snow the next time you turn on your car.

Have the Right Tools

Don’t leave home without a sufficient ice scraper! It is recommended to keep one in your vehicle year-round so that you don’t forget it at home when the foul weather rolls around.

Keeping an emergency kit in your car is important in case you happen to get stranded. Snacks, water, flares, a flashlight, and heating packs are helpful for survival during the winter.

Knowing the best car care tips for the winter will help you stay safe as well as maintain your car at its best performance. The winter is a time where accident numbers rise, due to inclement weather. Don’t become a statistic. Ensure that your car is fully prepared for the winter weather and that you are alert at all times when driving in bad weather.

Another important thing to make sure that you have is great automobile insurance. Contact one of the agents at TJ Woods Insurance today, and we can help you find the most affordable car insurance package for you.