Away for the Holidays? Protect Your Property

Home covered in snow at the holidaysIt’s the most wonderful—and perhaps busiest—time of year for many of us. As the year ends, chances are our schedules are packed with holiday parties, shopping trips for gifts and groceries, visits to friends and family, vacations, and much more. But, while you’re spending all this merry time out and about, your home is vulnerable to those looking to steal your festive spirit—both figuratively and literally. From fending off porch pirates to preventing break-ins, let’s go over how you can protect your property when you’re away for the holidays.

Actions to Secure Your Home While Away for the Holidays

  1. Install security cameras and home alarms. Did you know that increasing your home’s security can actually lower your home insurance premiums? Installing these technologies and upgrading your locks, doors, and windows reduces the risk of break-ins—something your insurance provider may thank you for.  
  2. Ask a trusted friend or family member to check in. Taking a week-long vacation or even just going out of town for the weekend? It might be worth asking a trusted person in your life to stop by the house regularly. The sight of their car in the driveway and them going in and out could deter potential burglars. 
  3. Lock away and hide valuables. Whether it’s expensive jewelry, priceless antiques, or even the new electronics you’re gifting for Christmas, be sure your valuable items are out of plain sight and behind lock and key, like in a safe box. Some high-value items can also be separately insured with add-on policies.

Other Things to Consider When Protecting Your Property 

In addition to these proactive measures, here are steps you can take to increase protection of your property while out of the house.  

Plan for Incoming Mail and Packages 

Millions of Americans are shopping online this time of year, and those packages continue arriving at doorsteps and mailboxes all holiday season long, leaving them prone to porch pirates. To avoid falling victim, you can track your package, leave special delivery instructions, schedule in-person deliveries, or select the pick-up-in-store option when available. When gone for longer periods of time, ask the postal carrier to hold all mail until the date of your return or enlist the help of a neighbor to grab the mail for you. 

Save Social Media Posts for Later 

You may be tempted to share the photos of your winter getaway on your social media profiles, but doing so just broadcasts to the world that your house is likely unoccupied for several days. Wait until you’re home safe to share your vacation pictures. 

Leave the Lights On 

We’re not suggesting you leave ALL the lights on in your house, but one or two here and there, like the porch light and a kitchen light, can give the illusion that the house is actively being lived in—even if you’re just staying elsewhere for the night. 

Don’t Forget the Car!

Aside from your home, your vehicles are property that needs protection, too! Of course, you should always lock it, leave the windows up, park in well-lit areas, and avoid leaving valuable items in your car—including those holiday presents you’re trying to hide from loved ones! Moreover, check out our modern tips to boost your vehicle’s security here, and always know what your auto insurance policy covers in the event of break-in and/or theft. 

Whether you’re planning to be home or away for the holidays, you want the season to be merry and magical. Here at TJ Woods, we help our customers protect their houses year-round, so they can have peace of mind knowing the place they call home and the possessions they hold in it are covered with the best of the best homeowners insurance policies available. Contact us today to discuss which coverage is best for your unique situation. And we hope you have the happiest of holidays!