Does My Home Have Insurance Coverage for a Trampoline?

Young kids jump on netted in trampoline outdoors on sunny day.With the school year winding down and the temperatures warming up here in New England, kids can be found playing outside more often as we approach the summer season. One backyard feature that can add to their seasonal fun is a trampoline—what kid doesn’t love bouncing around on one? But of course, this fun isn’t immune to dangers and risks. If you’re considering getting one for your property, you’ll need to make sure you’re protected financially if anything goes wrong. So, does your existing policy already include insurance coverage for a trampoline?  [Read more…]

How to File a Car Insurance Claim

Woman bends down at the scene of a car accident to inspect damage. Talking on phone with her insurance.Although auto insurance is required here in Massachusetts, it’s one of the few things you purchase hoping you’ll never actually have to use. But as we all know, car accidents and vehicle damage can happen to anyone, and in these cases, you may need to file a claim with your insurance company. In this blog, we’re going to review how to file a car insurance claim and what you can expect the process to entail.   [Read more…]

Safety Tips When Camping in an RV

Parked RV overlooks a beautiful landscape and sunsetCamping can be fun and adventurous, but doing so while in an RV provides a comfortable place to stay, more freedom to go where you want, and the ability to travel in any season or weather. There are many other advantages to RV camping; however, there are also associated concerns and risks. But with the right preparation, RVing can be your best adventure yet. Let’s discuss five of the most important safety tips that you can implement when camping in an RV. [Read more…]

7 Tips for Negotiating Your Apartment Lease

Female Tenant Renter Shows Apartment Keys Whether you’re a long-time renter looking for a new living space, a first-time renter unsure of where to start, or a current renter considering extending your stay, negotiating your apartment lease can feel daunting. But the fact of the matter is that you’ll never know if and where the landlord or property manager is willing to budge if you don’t bother to ask. Today, we’ll share seven lease negotiation tips with you.  [Read more…]

When and Why You Need to Replace Your Roof

Four roofers on top of house replacing residential roof.As a homeowner, when it comes to the roof over your head, you can’t take any chances. A roof is critical to the structure of a house. Not only does it act as a shield against the elements—like rain, snow, and extreme temperatures—but it also keeps moisture out, preventing the growth of mold and other potentially dangerous substances. Today we’re going to discuss when and why you need to replace your roof.  [Read more…]

Boat Safety Necessities You Shouldn’t Set Sail Without

Father And Son Riding Motor Boat Wearing Life JacketsSummers in New England can be full of good fun. Since our time for warm weather is limited here in the Northeast, so many of us try to make the most of it by participating in all kinds of outdoorsy things, including boating. While it can be easy to get carried away in all this seasonal fun, we can’t let that cloud our judgment when it comes to taking the proper precautions to protect against harm amid these recreational activities. As we get ready to hit the open waters once again, let’s review some boat safety necessities.  [Read more…]