6 Tips to Stop That Texting While Driving Accident

We have all heard that texting while driving is bad. It’s not just bad–it can be fatal. We all know it, yet many of us are still tempted to pick up our phones while behind the wheel. Whether you are headed across the country or across town, keeping your hands on the wheel and away from your phone can be the difference between life and death.

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In the Car

Safe driving begins even before you put the key into the ignition. Taking a moment to put aside distractions and focus on driving will ensure a safe trip.

  • Stick it in the Back: Stop keeping your phone in your pocket or in the center console while driving. Develop a habit of placing your device out of reach so you won’t be tempted to grab it mid-trip.
  • Power Off: Turn off your phone. This is the best way to prevent distracting ringing and glowing screens. Turn it off and keep your eyes on the road. For those of you who can’t bear to turn it off, simply silence your phone and place it face down away from the driver’s seat.
  • Hand it Over: If you have a passenger in the car with you, let them hold your phone and respond to text messages when needed.
  • Pause the Convo: Debating with your significant other about what to have for dinner? Pause your conversation before getting behind the wheel. Let them know when you are about to drive. Agree on a single word or emoji that can be sent quickly to pause the conversation. Saving your conversation for later can save your life.

At Home

Once you have reached your destination, make an effort to make text-free driving a reality.

Try an App

If you can’t peel your eyes away from your device, there are plenty of apps out there that can assist you. Apps such as DriveScribe and Live2Txt automatically block text messages and even reply to the sender, providing a notification that you are behind the wheel. Other apps such DriveOFF display a screensaver when you reach a specific speed, as well as block all incoming messages and calls.

Educate Yourself and Others

Make an effort to learn about safe, distraction-free driving. Learn the laws surrounding driving and mobile device use in your state, and talk to your friends and family members about developing safe habits behind the wheel.

It’s important to keep yourself and your family safe from distractions on the road. Please contact TJ Woods Insurance for other tips on auto safety or to ensure that your vehicle and passengers are completely covered.