6 Holiday Safety Tips to Keep You Merry

The most popular time of the year is approaching fast, and soon all of us will drop our stationary lifestyles for one in favor of shopping, traveling, and decorating. Even though these are exciting times, there is also a slew of hazards that may affect your safety. It’s important to know how to avoid these dangers that may affect you this holiday season. Here are a few tips that may help you steer clear of any damage.

1. Stay Alert When Shopping

Everyone is moving fast, so it’s best to hold tight on your expensive items should they fall or get snatched as you’re moving through a crowd. If you have children with you, make sure they’re kept close and do not wander off past a visible sightline. If you’re withdrawing money, make sure the ATM is in a safe area with plenty of lighting and bystanders. You’ll also want to cover your hand when punching in your PIN. Even though you’ve got a million things going through your head, it’s always important to be aware of your surroundings.

2. Prepare Before Traveling Long Distance

If not properly prepared, your home could be vandalized or broken into while you’re away. There are many thieves out there that prey on homes where the owner has left for vacation during the holidays. To prevent this, it’s best to leave a few lights on to feign a presence in the house. You should also ask a trusted neighbor to keep an eye on your home and collect mail while also hiring snow plows to maintain your home.

3. Defend Yourself When Online Shopping

When shopping via the internet, try ordering from trusted websites like Amazon or eBay. Even when buying from third-party vendors on these sites, each has hundreds of reviews that validate their reputation. If you shop online frequently, then you likely get a lot of e-mails on holiday deals. While some of these are authentic, others can be scams that will attempt to draw you to un-secure sites and steal your information. Because of these potential security breaches, it’s also best to keep your devices locked and updated, as well as changing your password occasionally.

4. Be Aware of Decorating Hazards

Adorning your home is a holiday tradition like no other and yet it comes with several different issues that you should keep in mind. If you’re celebrating with a Christmas tree, make sure it’s properly watered since a dry tree runs a much higher risk of catching fire. Purchasing an artificial tree is also an option. Candles are everywhere during the holidays which means the overall fire hazard in a home will go up. It’s best to get battery-operated candles to prevent random fires. Decorative lights are fun, but they increase the chances of electrical fires. Everyone should check their lights for test certifications to ensure safe use.

5. Be Mindful When Cooking for Holidays

There’s no other way around it—you’re going to be cooking at some point during the holiday season. You’re also likely to be with a lot of people, and this could prove to be dangerous. If you have kids around, then it’s best to keep pots out of reach by using the back burners. Using these will also pull all the smoke directly into the vents to avoid harmful chemicals from spreading. If you’re making multiple meals at once, you can purchase tip-brackets to lock down your pots.

6. Get Insured

If your home is broken into or damaged, having the right homeowner’s insurance will help greatly. This covers everything from personal items to the structure of your home. If your car is stolen or damaged, then the right auto insurance is needed to keep you afloat during these busy times.

The holiday season is all about spending time with your loved ones, and you can’t do that if you’re not safe and protected. Be sure to contact the TJ Woods Insurance Agency, and one of our agents will introduce you to several insurance packages that will be right for you.