5 Tips for Reducing Your Auto Insurance Costs

A car on top of a pile of coins.Insurance premiums are a just another bill, and just like any other bills such as water or electricity, you can reduce the costs through smart investment and good habits. Auto insurance is a requirement for any driver, so it’s important to have the right amount of coverage as well as paying the right price for it. Below are five tips for reducing your auto insurance costs.

1. Take A Defensive Drivers Class

New and longtime drivers alike can get discounts by signing up for taking a defensive drivers or drivers education class. Showing that you’re willing to learn new and good driving habits no matter your age is something that auto insurance companies look for when factoring your premiums. As a driver who drives safer, you’re less likely to get in an accident, and in turn less likely to need the auto insurance company’s financial help.

2. Take Mass Transit

The idea of “taking the T” to save money on your auto insurance does seem odd, doesn’t it? But the less a driver is on the road, the less likely an auto accident will be for them statistically. If you commute often, it is time to start thinking about taking mass transit. When auto insurance companies look at what plan might be most mutually satisfying, they look at your average time on the road. If you drive 3 miles a day, versus someone who drives 13 miles a day, the person who drives 3 miles a day is less at risk of getting into an accident.

3. Choosing The Right Car to Insure

When looking at buying a new car there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to the price of insuring it.

  • The first thing is the size of the vehicle: larger SUV’s may be an appealing choice but they are more expensive to insure than a sedan.
  • Secondly is the year of the car. 2016 cars are more expensive to insure than 2010 cars due to the need for more expensive repairs on newer cars.
  • Lastly buying a car with safety features such as air bags and anti-lock brakes will save you money in the long-haul of insurance premiums. The safer cars are, the less likely they are to be in an accident (or cause medical liability).

4. What Are Your Parking Possibilities?

Although that may seem like a silly question to ask when looking into insurance for your car, but it really isn’t. People who live in cities will end up with higher deductibles because they are most likely parking on the street and more likely to be side swiped by an oncoming car. On the other hand, people who live in suburbs have to ability to decrease their insurance by parking in a driveway, or better yet parking in a garage. Reduce your rates by clearing out your garage and using it to park your car in. When an insurance company is looking premiums, they like to see that a car will be parked in a garage because that decreases the chances of your car getting hurt by the elements or debris.

5. Don’t Deduct On Your Deductibles

When looking at what deductible to choose for you insurance plan there are two ways to go. You can spend more money on a monthly basis and have a lower deductible or you can spend less money on a daily basis and have a higher deductible. This is a personal educated decision that one has to make by knowing ones own driving habits and history. The way to save the most money month to month is by choosing a higher deductible if your found at fault for the accident. —-

Unfortunately auto insurance premiums can sometimes be high. There are ways to get around having to pay an arm and a leg to insure your car. We are here to help you find those solutions and keep you and your car safe at the same time. At TJ Woods Insurance we pride ourselves in offering top of the line protection based on your needs. To learn about our auto insurance and other plans and policies we offer, please contact us.