5 Modern Tips to Boost Your Vehicle’s Security

A black car key fob resting on a black leather seat.Don’t leave your car running unattended. Always lock your car doors. Roll up your windows. Park in well-lit areas. While these bits of advice are still effective at deterring would-be thieves nowadays, advancements in automobile technology have inadvertently generated a new list of vulnerabilities. Vehicle theft was once only accessible to those with a lock pick and some hot-wiring expertise, but with the addition of wireless functions, hackers have entered the game. That’s why we’re here to update you with some modern tips to boost your vehicle’s security.

1.     Protect Your Keys

If you have a traditional car key, there’s much you can do to safely store it on your person, but if you use a key fob, you should take a few extra steps to boost your vehicle’s security. Key fobs emit a signal that’s picked up by your car when you’re nearby, but thieves can intercept and replicate this signal, using it to gain access to your vehicle and start the ignition. To prevent this, you can purchase a key fob pouch, which is made from a material that blocks the wireless signal to your car. Also, if you lost a key fob or are not the original owner of the car, be sure to reprogram your key fob to receive a new, unique signature.

2.     Secure Your Vehicle’s Wi-Fi Hotspot

If your vehicle comes equipped with a Wi-Fi hotspot, hackers can use it to access some of the car’s electronic controls. You should treat this technology with the same care you treat your home Wi-Fi and other electronic devices. Ensure you use strong passwords and regularly check with the manufacturer to see if any software updates are available.

3.     Utilize a Tracking System

Some cars come equipped with a tracking system, but you can also purchase a GPS tracking device or vehicle recovery system to put in your car. Using a smartphone or mobile app, you can then locate your car and alert the authorities of its whereabouts. To deter a thief, you can even put up a window sticker announcing that there is a tracking system installed in the vehicle.

4.     Invest in Anti-Theft Devices

There are a wide variety of devices that help prevent car theft. The most obvious one that most vehicles come equipped with is a car alarm, but there are additional devices – such as steering wheel locks, kill switches, car wheel clamps, and brakes locks – that can convince would-be thieves to reconsider stealing your car. Not only will investing in these devices better secure your car, but anti-theft devices could give you a discount on your auto insurance. Contact your insurance agent to find out if you qualify for a premium reduction.

5.     Disable the Wireless Receiver

Some vehicle models may allow you to disable the wireless signal. Review the owner’s manual and see how you can manually turn off the wireless functions. If you’re unable to do it yourself, you can also contact the car manufacturer. While you won’t be able to unlock your car with quite as much ease, it could potentially protect your car from hackers.

These modern tips will boost your vehicle’s security, but even with these precautions in place, nothing is ever completely secure. That’s why comprehensive auto insurance protects drivers from vandalism and theft. Depending on your policy, you may also receive additional coverage for the aftermarket modifications you’ve added. At TJ Woods Insurance, our agent will pair you with the most suitable auto insurance for your needs. If you want peace of mind knowing your investment is safe from burglars, contact us today.