5 Essential Things You Need for a Road Trip

It’s been decided, you’re hitting the open road for your summer vacation. The beautiful weather conditions make it the perfect season to plan a road trip. You’ve packed your bags, planned what sites to see, and got a few friends to come along with you. Before you rev up your engine, however, make sure you know the essential things you’ll need for a road trip.

Things You Need for a Road Trip, TJ Woods Insurance Agency, Worcester, MA1. Maps/GPS

Before you start your trip, it is important to know where you’re going. You may have already planned out your route, but just in case things change, it’s a good idea to have a GPS or a map as a back-up. There may be a detour around construction, heavy traffic that you’ll want to avoid, or you may want to venture off path to explore. A GPS is a great gadget to have because most of them will give you an estimated time of arrival, tell you how far it is until the next turn, and reroute you if you go off course. You won’t have to use your cell phone’s battery and data if you have a separate GPS device. Maps may seem a bit outdated but you’ll want to bring one along just in case your GPS runs out of battery or starts to malfunction.

2. Travel Apps

If you have a smartphone or tablet, you’ll want to download the latest travel apps before your trip. A weather app is always great to have so you can check the weather conditions before you get on the road. If a storm is coming through the area you’re in, then it’s best to wait it out in a hotel or diner before traveling again.

Another app you should have is Gas Buddy. You will be stopping to fill up your tank a lot, and Gas Buddy shows you what stations have the cheapest gas along your route.

If you need to make a last minute hotel reservation from the road, you can find open hotels on the Hotels.com app. It offers many hotels in your area, and you can easily go from searching to reserving a room in minutes.

3. USB charger

Use your cigarette lighter as a charger for your electronic devices. Most electronics use a USB cord to charge, and you can buy a USB port that fits right into your cigarette lighter that uses the energy from your car to charge the devices. Get one with multiple ports so you and your traveling companions won’t have to fight over who gets to charge their phone.

4. Spare Key, Spare Tire, and Tools

You never know what bumps you’re going to hit on the road, so it’s better to be prepared for the worst. Bring a spare key in case you lose your first set or lock them in the car. Also make sure that you have a spare tire, along with the necessary tools to change it, in case a pot hole pops one of yours. If you don’t know how to change a tire, learn how to before you leave, or have the number for AAA or other roadside assistance handy.

5. Auto Insurance

Before the car is packed and the tank is filled, you need to make sure you have auto insurance. In case of an accident, you want to make sure you and your vehicle is properly insured. You’ll want to know if your auto policy covers additional drivers in case your friend is taking over the wheel for a portion of the trip.

If you’re planning a road trip and have questions regarding auto insurance, contact the agents at TJ Woods Insurance Agency, located in Worcester, MA. We can answer any questions you may have about auto policies to make sure you’re protected on the road.