The 3 Easy Ways to Protect Your Jewelry

Precious jewelry of rings and bracelets. Jewelry, it is everyone’s favorite topic. From watches to rings, everyone has a favorite piece that they cannot live without. The right touch can turn any outfit into a stylish, upbeat look. The unfortunate factor is that you are not the only one who thinks that that your jewelry is awesome. Hundreds of people each year are victims to jewelry theft and with only a 4% recovery rate according to Statista, it’s important to learn on how to protect your beloved items. By following these three easy steps, you can keep rocking your jewelry without any fears. 

1. Lock Your Jewelry in a Safe Box

Storing your jewelry in safe box is a great way to keep all your fine jewelry safe. Pieces that you do not wear every day or want to hold on to for a loved one can easily be kept without having to worry about them. Another benefit to a safe box is that you could have one in your home and also a safe deposit box at the bank as well. Having the ability to lock away more expensive items in the bank elevates stress and the fear of damage as well. Other benefits of an in home safe is that it can prevent from other threats such as fire and flood damage. Having a safe box is a great resource to keep your jewelry safe and out of harm’s way.

2. Photograph Your Jewelry for Photo Evidence

Snapping a quick picture of the item is an awesome way to keep track of your jewelry. Not only for a personal measure but for if, unfortunately, anything was to happen to the piece you can provide an image to help track down your precious jewelry. Another benefit to having an image of the jewelry is that it can actually help start the insurance claim process if you choose to get your items insured.

3. Protect Your Jewelry with Jewelry Insurance

The surefire way to protect all your amazing jewelry is to get the items insured. When spending hundreds of thousands of dollars one these precious keepsakes, a few extra is a good investment to guarantee its safety. While homeowners’ insurance policies protect your possessions, expensive and high-risk items like jewelry have lower coverages or are excluded. A standalone policy, jewelry insurance covers loss, theft, damage, and disappearance of jewelry, with you setting the amount of coverage. Many policies even protect against everyday damages such as loose stones or broken clasps. By having insurance for your jewelry you are eliminating virtually any threat that is posed to your beloved pieces.

Jewelry is by its nature both precious and expensive, but by taking these security measures, you can protect both the jewelry and your investment in it. Accidents and theft are a part of everyday life, luckily these thing are also preventable. By following these steps, jewelry theft and its expense can be virtually eliminated. If you interested in an insurance policy contact our specialists at the TJ Woods Insurance Agency today and never fear wearing your timeless jewelry again.