Inland Marine Insurance: Keep Your Company Property Covered

Inland Marine Insurance: Keep Your Business Property CoveredDepending on what type of business you operate, you may be working off site for your clients. Some of these types of businesses include construction companies, transportation and cargo, renewable energy, and fine arts. When you are working off-site, your business owner’s policy (BOP) does not always cover your assets, equipment and tools—this can put your business at serious risk. Inland marine insurance may be the coverage you desperately need. [Read more…]

When Do You Need Pollution Liability Insurance?

PollutionDid you know that roughly every construction or commercial type of business has at least one environmental liability exposure? Pollution liability does not happen as frequently as you think, but when it does happen, it is large, expensive and complicated. That’s why if you own a business that can have an effect on polluting the environment, due to operations, negligence, or inventory, it is important to have the proper coverage. [Read more…]

5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning Maintenance

5 Homeowner’s Tips for Spring Cleaning MaintenanceIt’s that time of the year when sweatshirts turn to t-shirts, snow turns to rich, green grass, and—of course—you begin your spring cleaning. It’s also that time of the year to inspect your home for any damage it took during the winter months. Go get a head start on your spring cleaning to prevent any future complications. Don’t forget to check off the following five things on your spring cleaning to-do list. [Read more…]

Wrongful Termination and How To Protect Yourself

Wrongful Termination and How To Protect YourselfIt is extremely important for a business owner to respect their employees and their working environment at a professional establishment. One of the most important situations to be cautious around is the discharge of an employee. If you do not follow the rules and regulations set in place by the government and the state—you could be looking at a serious claim. If you have been laid off or fired recently and believe you have been discharged for an unlawful reason, you do have the right to bring a claim for wrongful termination against your former employer. [Read more…]

The Cost of Not Having Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)

The Cost of Not Having Employment Practices Liability (EPLI)Today’s U.S. citizens are more inclined to sue first and ask questions later. Unfortunately, as an employer, there is a good chance that eventually a lawsuit will be brought against your business. The number of lawsuits filed by their employees against their employers has been rising over the years. Most suits are filed against large corporations, but that still does not leave any company immune. Smaller companies need this just as bad as larger corporations. Continue reading to see how this policy can protect you and prevent a costly mistake. [Read more…]

Long-Term Care: Should I Purchase This Policy?

Long-Term Care Should I Purchase This Policy For many Americans, long-term care is now urgently becoming a new problem to plan for. The term includes a host of services that vary widely. They range from home care and adult day care to residential care in assisted living or nursing home facilities. This blog discusses what long term care entails, how vital it can be for someone’s life, and how long-term care insurance helps. [Read more…]