Social Media & Beyond: Beware Sharing Your Holiday Plans

Travel woman using smartphone at airport.Social media was practically made for those great shots you’ll take during your holiday vacation, from visiting the family in the next state over to celebrating the dead of winter on a warm tropical beach. It’s really tempting to let friends, family, and online strangers know exactly where and what you’re up to when you’re on vacation. However, if you’re leaving your home for the holidays, you may be laying out the welcome mat for burglary by announcing your absence on social media. [Read more…]

4 Tips to Keep Your Home Warm and Safe This Winter

Woman looking from a window of her house on a cold and snowy winter,With the winter weather, this is the season you’ll be spending the most time in your home, especially if you’re hosting the holidays. With the weather outside so frightful, it’s important that your home is ready for winter, especially when it needs to beat back the freezing temperatures, ice, and snow. Put a little work in right now to avoid issues mid-holiday, as well as to nip any winter home damages in the bud. Here are four places to focus on keeping your home warm – and safe – this winter. [Read more…]

Preventing and Dealing with Frozen Pipes & Ice Dams

Frozen pipe covered in ice.With the first snows already hitting New England, it’s time to get ready for the cold weather and the resulting freezes that cause ice issues. Preparing your home is more than just stocking up on firewood and salt for the driveway, it’s also about making sure your home is both protected from the cold and that you have the tools to remove any hazards before they further damage your home. This article will go over two major ice issues that spring up in the winter: frozen pipes and ice dams. [Read more…]

How Wildfires Pose a Real Danger to Homes

Forest being damaged by summer wildfire.Every summer, wildfires ravage the United States, consuming hundreds of thousands of acres of wilderness, parkland, and property. This summer was no exception, with wildfires starting and merging through October in drier parts of the US. In California alone, there have been over $3 billion dollars in claimed damage in one of the most disastrous fire seasons California has ever faced. Today we’re going to look at a specific fire that struck California, and how it’s an example of how far wildfires can reach. [Read more…]

Is Chimney Damage Covered by Your Home Insurance?

Is Chimney Damage Covered by Your Home Insurance?

For many, October signals the full swing of autumn with chilly nights and shorter days. If you own a fireplace, this means it’s finally time to start your first fire of the season. Before you light that match, it’s important to get a proper inspection. This inspection involves assessing any chimney damage and chimney sweeping. Make sure you’re prepared for cold nights by your warm and safe fire with these steps. [Read more…]

Fall RVing: Don’t Pack Up the Adventure Yet

Fall RVing: Don’t Pack Up the Adventure Yet

For many, the fall season marks the end of RV adventures. They put away all their summer belongings and plan the next summer excursion. However, this does not have to be the case. The fall is a prime time to go RVing. Even though most of the camping areas will have lower temperatures, they will also have lower rates, smaller crowds, and far fewer insects. These reasons alone make a strong case for trying out a fall RVing excursion. This blog will give you key tips in taking full advantage of the fall camping season in your RV. [Read more…]